The next meeting of the Lakeshore Artists in July 13

Deborah West is a Reference / Instruction Librarian at Gannon University with more than 30 years of experience. Her focus is in legal studies, health and criminal justice. West recently completed a certificate program in legal research offered by the Greater Philadelphia Law Library Association, a chapter of the American Association of Law Libraries. West is enrolled in a program for Disaster Preparedness Information Specialist.

For member Chuck Cornell life is anything but still

William A. West

JEFFERSON_A soft-spoken, mild-mannered man, the General Electric engineer became semi-retired when GE closed their plant in Jefferson. Chuck Cornell, of Jefferson, worked in Cleveland and then Meadville, Pa. before he fully retired at the age of 80.

      “I started painting when I was thinking about retiring,” Cornell said. “I realized I didn’t have a hobby or anything to keep me busy. I always thought I could paint, somehow.”


Lakeshore Artists member Chuck Cornell.

One of the first classes Cornell took a watercolors class at the Ashtabula Arts Center more than 20 years ago. The 90-year-old whippersnapper also has dabbled with acrylic and oils during his art career, but always comes back to watercolors.

      “It’s not my nature to be careful,” Cornell said. “Watercolors clean up much easier.”

      Cornell became a member of Lakeshore Artists soon after he started painting and attending classes at the AAC. 

      “I was taking a workshop at the Ashtabula Arts Center and a couple of the ladies that were in Lakeshore Artists approached me about joining,” Cornell said. “I’ve really gotten a lot out of that. What amazes me is all the people, the talented people that are around. The club gives you a chance to associate with other artists. So really, mainly, I’m self-taught with the help of a lot of other people.” 

      The benefits of joining Lakeshore Artists is a two-way street for members because it gives them the opportunity to be associated with artist Chuck Cornell.

Please click on image below to watch our interview with Mr. Cornell

Lakeshore Artists May Show and Sale Judge Awards





Present their


MAY 5  – 25, 2018

at the


2928 W. 13th Street

Ashtabula, OH  44004

(440) 964-3396         

Gallery hours: Monday through Thursday 9 a.m. to 8 p.m.,

Friday 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. and Saturday 9 a.m. to 1:00 p.m.

Closed Sunday

Artists’ Reception

6 p.m. to 8 p.m. – Friday May 18, 2018

Entertainment provided by Lynn Rocco with a special guest appearance 

by the Good Life Singers Ensemble


Lake Shore Artists Club 2018

Show and Sale

Judge – Jim Loomis

Best of Show –“I’ll take it.” by Mardi Snyder


Categories               First Place                     Second Place           Third Place

Abstract                     Will West                     Aimee Sarell              Aimee Sarell

The Adventures of  Doctor Science           Complications              The Follower                   

Portraiture                 Sue Gendrich         Gerald Perkins               Will West

                                   Me and My Gal         Christine Lynn         Cardinal Cardinal

Land / Seascape       Doris W. Jones         Clarece Jones          Kim Cordell                                                                                                                                 

                      Rialto Bridge               Stormy Water                 Keswick

Still Life                       Mardi Snyder       Rosemary Bennett       Robin Cumberland

                                       I’ll Take It      Bruce and Susan’s Side Porch      Morning Dew


Three Dimensional         Renee Nash          Janie Altrogge                  Taylor White

                                           Peace             Gypsy Vanner Horse                Ascension            

Honorable Mentions

Christine Vandervort         Portraiture                                         Carrie Berdina Waid

Christine Vandervort         Three Dimensional                                        Gibraltar

 Chuck Cornell                   Landscape                                             Disappearing

Taylor White                         Abstract                                                      Daydream

Chuck Cornell                      Still Life:                                                 Red on White


         Artist                                        Title                      Medium             Price

  1. Janie Altrogge           Gypsy Vanner Horse       Needle Felted Wool    $695
  2. Janie Altrogge       Dude you need a breath mint      Colored Pencil   $225
  3. Rosemary K. Bennett    Bridge Street, Ashtabula         Watercolor       $75
  4. Rosemary K. Bennett   Bruce & Susan’s Side Porch    Watercolor       NFS
  5. Rosemary K. Bennett          My Garden Lily            Watercolor              $75
  6. Jan Borgner                       Joy in the Morning                Oil                $425
  7. Jan Borgner                  While the Sun Shines                 Oil                $425
  8. Kim Cordell                       Keswick                                 Oil                $400
  9. Kim Cordell                     Laguna Beach                       Acrylic            $150
  10. Kim Cordell                      Miss Perception                      Oil                $400
  11. Charles R. Cornell            Disappearing                 Watercolor             $150
  12. Charles R. Cornell           Grazing                          Watercolor             $150
  13. Charles R. Cornell           Red on White                 Watercolor             $150
  14. Robin Cumberland         Morning Bells             Color Photography       $50
  15. Robin Cumberland          Morning Dew             Color Photography      $60
  16. Robin Cumberland      Pinwheel Color                   Photography           $55
  17. Susan Gendrich             Me & My Gal                        Pen & Ink            $70
  18. Susan Gendrich            Reflections                            Pen & Ink          $160
  19. Susan Gendrich             You Think                             Pen & Ink            $80
  20. Lynn Hess                    Beacon of Hope                   Acrylic as Oil        NFS
  21. Lynn Hess                          Paine Falls              Digital Photography      $45
  22. Daniel E. Huff, Jr.              Cool Waters                   Oil on Canvas    $1,200
  23. Daniel E. Huff, Jr.              Cool Waters                   Oil on Canvas       $900
  24. Daniel E. Huff, Jr.            Positive Energy                Oil on Canvas         NFS
  25. Clarece Jones              Owl                   Charcoal & Watercolor Pencil   NFS
  26. Clarece Jones                 Stormy Water                       Acrylic               NFS
  27. Clarece Jones              Unicorn Nights                        Acrylic               NFS
  28. Doris W. Jones               Pegasus                            Pen & Ink             $150
  29. Doris W. Jones               Rialto Bridge                     Watercolor             NFS
  30. Renee Nash                      Peace                             Graphic                 NFS
  31. Ann Pauley               Blondie Stay on the Porch         Acrylic                  $60
  32. Ann Pauley                      Rabbit                                Acrylic                  $40
  33. Ann Pauley                   Red Solo Cup                       Acrylic                   $50
  34. Gerald Perkins                 Christine Lynn                   Acrylic                   NFS
  35. Gerald Perkins            Young and Free               Mixed Media                NFS
  36. Gerald Perkins            Young Woman                Pencil on Paper            NFS
  37. Linda Phillips                Frog in Love                       Acrylic                     $750
  38. Linda Phillips               Raven                                 Acrylic                     $100
  39. Dee Riley                  Paper Flowers & Old Glory     Watercolor               NFS
  40. Dee Riley                    ReEnactment Miss              Photography             NFS
  41. Dee Riley                    Union Resting Place            Photography            $480
  42. Aimee Sarell                Complications                       Ink on Paper           NFS
  43. Aimee Sarell                 The Follower                        Mixed Media           NFS
  44. Aimee Sarell                      Hooked                             Ink on Paper         NFS
  45. Harry N. Schwentker           American School            Acrylic & Ink           NFS
  46. Harry N. Schwentker Student Buddhist Monks-Thailand    Photography  NFS
  47. Mardi Snyder                     Alabama Shakes                   Acrylic              $180
  48. Mardi Snyder                       Equality                               Acrylic              $ 220
  49. Mardi Snyder                     I’ll Take It                               Graphics           $170
  50. Christine A. Vandervort   Carrie Berdina Waid       Ink on Paper                $175
  51. Christine A. Vandervort    Gibraltar                      Rock & Mixed Media     $100
  52. Will West           The Adventures of Dr. Science   Graphic on Canvas         $70
  53. Will West                      Cardinal Cardinal             Graphic on Canvas         $70
  54. Will West     In Search of Christmas Spirit            Graphic on Canvas         $70
  55. Adyson White            Pokemon 1                               Ink                           $20
  56. Rex White                Sarge Oil                               Pastel on Paper           $150

57.  Rex White               On the Way                        Oil Pastel on Paper         $150

58.  Rex White              What Makes the Grass Grow            Acrylic               $100

59.  Taylor White                   Ascension                        Mixed Media                 $350

60.  Taylor White                   Daydream                             Pastel oil                  $200

61.  Taylor White                  Le Petite Hibou                    Soft Pastel                 $250


   Lakeshore Artists of Ashtabula County

      Lakeshore Artists was organized in November 1973 as the Professional Artists of Ashtabula County.  As the club grew, membership expanded to include amateur artists, students, and others interested in the visual arts, and the name was later changed to Lakeshore Artists of Ashtabula County.   The club mission is to encourage the visual arts as a community endeavor through education, exhibits, and participation in civic events in the area. 

       In coordination with the Arts Center, members sponsor an annual show and sale each May at the Ashtabula Arts Center. The Arts Center also hosts a reception to offer the public an evening to meet the Lakeshore Artists and view their work. The Arts Center also welcomes the Club’s small painting group and monthly meetings. The Arts Center is essential to the success and support of the Club and its members appreciate the hospitality and generosity given by the Arts Center.


Judge for May Show, 2018 – Jim Loomis

Lakeshore Artists is honored to welcome Jim Loomis as juror for the 2018 May Show. Jim returned to the Arts Center at its former location at the corners of Lake Avenue and Prospect Road in Ashtabula where he taught clay sculpting and drawing. Jim began drawing and painting at the age of three and formed the lifelong practice of drawing in a sketchbook. He caused quite a turmoil in first grade when the teacher asked him to color a preprinted page. Before he attended school, he painted with the many colors of gasket cement from his Dad’s garage. Jim decided early on that he wanted to teach art.

Jim received his BSed and Med degrees in Art Education from Edinboro State University, and ultimately earned his Ph.D. from Ohio State University. While a student, Jim was broadly influenced by the work of Viktor Lowenfeld, who linked the physics of child development to how it is revealed in childrens’ drawings.

Jim received distinction for his work with learning theory and hemispheric dominance—winning the SHIP National Research Award. This award is give in recognition of research which advances the field of art education. Jim currently teaches drawing classes at the Arts Center and works as a substitute teacher through the Ashtabula County Educational Services Center with special needs students.

Judge’s Comments

My thanks go to the Lakeshore Artists for the opportunity to jury the 2018 May Show. I found the variety and scope of the collective body of work to be refreshing. I enjoyed spending time with the bold and inventive, the completely unexpected, and the tried and true. I see more than artists in the community; I see the community in the artists. Art is indeed alive and well in Northeast Ohio.    Jim Loomis



4542 Main Avenue; Ashtabula, Ohio 44004 (440)-992-7529


Guest speaker Meeghan Humphrey demonstrates preparing framed art for exhibit


Ashtabula Arts Center Executive Director Meeghan Humphrey was the guest speaker for the April 13, 2018 Lakeshore Artists’ meeting at the Ashtabula Arts Center. Meeghan demonstrated the do’s and don’t’s of framing your art and preparing it for exhibition.

Meeghan received her BA in Art History from Oberlin College. She joined the staff of the Ashtabula Arts Center in 1992 as Visual Arts Coordinator.   She has taught thousands of classes, curated gallery exhibitions, painted dozens of sets, made costumes and props and managed the permanent collection during time with the AAC. Meeghan also has partnered with outside organizations, created outreach programs, raised funds, planned classes, hired and managed a teaching staff, and advocated for local artists.

She promoted to Deputy Director at the beginning of 2016 and was named Executive Director by the board in June 2016.

Please click on the image below to view AAC Executive Director Meeghan Humphrey’s very informative presentation.