Sue Gendrich

Mixed Media Artist
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Artist Bio
Sue Gendrich knew she loved to draw since she was a little girl. Her favorite toys were crayons & a scrap of paper. Dolls took a second! her eyes were drawn to anything that was colorful or unique She started out with portraits and as years progressed into houses, barns, victorian landscapes, and animals. She also experimented with different techniques and materials. Susan was an art major in school, graduating in 1975. She went to Tri-C College for two years for commercial art.

Susan is a member of the Lakeshore Artists Society, located at the Ashtabula Arts Center. She has received awards throughout her thirty-five years of experience. She continues to experiment with different techniques, styles, and mediums. Her mottos are “You can always be better”, “Don’t be afraid to do something different”, and “Art is a direct result of one’s feeling and experience”.

Cats are currently one of her favorite subject matters.