Jeremy Shank

Mixed Media Artist, Designer & Developer, Film and Visual Effects
Member Since: December 2011


Artist Bio
Jeremy Shank is a mixed media artist, illustrator and designer who combines elements of fantasy, nature and beauty in whimsical worlds. Born in 1985, Jeremy lived in Arizona and then later moved to North Eastern Ohio. The transition from a desert landscape to the shores of Lake Erie and the ever changing seasons of North Eastern Ohio left a lasting impression on him. Growing up, Shank found himself engulfed in interests including dinosaurs, outer space and the ocean depths. He was intrigued by the complexity of life and later by architecture, sequential storytelling, ecology and sustainable design. At a young age he found himself filling sketchbooks with creatures and imaginings.

Employing both digital and traditional techniques, he applies stories and visions of life, universe and form to pixel, fibre and earthen materials. His work is a mix of Art Nouveau style and line with a focus on the natural elements that surround him. Organisms, habitat and energy are common subjects portrayed in his paintings. The majority of his traditional work is created on board or masonite using a series of acrylic washes over an inked sketch, sometimes finishing with pencil and ink. His digital work is primarily composed in Photoshop and Illustrator with an unhealthy love for time intensive detailed vector illustration.

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