Lakeshore Artists – The minutes from the March 23 meeting

                        Lakeshore Artists of Ashtabula County

Lakeshore Artists – The minutes from the March 23 meeting

Present:  Jim Vandervort, Daniel E. Huff Jr, Rex White, Taylor White, Rosemary Bennett, Christine A. Vandervort, Will West, Lynn Hess, T. J. Wilson, Chuck Cornell, Harry Schwentker, Allan Richards, Shirley Puchan, Chris DiGiacomo, Deb Rich (Guest), Kevin Richards, Glenn Morisue, Clarece Jones, Aimee Sarell, Dee Riley, Jeanne Maleckar, Deborah Hill (Guest), Del Barnett (Guest) Guests from Good Life Singers: Susan Deak, and Bridgette

Meeting called to order by Will West who introduced guests from Good Life Singers, Bridgette, and Susan Deak who discussed our collaboration for the concert on Friday, April 27 and Saturday, April 28.  Discussed the joint venture and distributed pre-sale tickets. Discussion of electronic display of artwork during the concert, and subsequent sale of selected works.  Discussion took place regarding an artist who will paint on stage during the concert. Artist Aimee Sarell will attend dress rehearsal to work out lighting and details.

Taylor White announced she has resigned as president of Lakeshore Artists and is moving out of state.

Taylor introduced guest speaker for the evening, Chris DiGiacomo from Framed on Main, formerly E and J Custom Framing, located at 4533 Main Ave. in Ashtabula. Chris offered members twenty percent discount on selected purchases from his establishment. Members must have membership card with them for the discount.

Will West thanked Taylor White for her service and proceeded with the evenings agenda.

Discussion took place regarding upcoming The Arts on Bridge Street (TABS) headed up by Judy Campbell this year. Cost to participate will be $100, which was deemed by consensus too costly for Lake Shore Artists. Will West reported that Judy Campbell declined an invitation to attend a Lake Shore Artists’ meeting to discuss TABS.

Discussed Wine and Walleye Festival. Will told those present that he is open for suggestions or comments. Will West will contact Christine Seuffert to gather information about the dates and fees.

Discussed the Uncorked Festival with a $75 fee. Not feasible for us at this time. No free space available, and impractical for our group.

Discussion took place regarding the Grape Jamboree. Dee Riley advised that one half of the space at the Recreation Building will be devoted to the camera club, and the other half to Lakeshore Artists.

The elected officers met recently with Ashtabula Arts Center Executive Director Meeghan Humphrey to work on potential fund raisers, and for Lakeshore Artists to become more involved with the Arts Center. Opportunities to volunteer for box office, ushering, and to assist at Kids Camp are available. Discussion was held regarding potential field trips, such as: Veterans Pow Wow in Salamanca in July; Frank Lloyd Wright sites, and Art museums. Further discussion regarding Kingsville Lawn Sale.

The Secretary distributed copies of the Bylaws and outlined the adjustments to them to reflect official board action over the years. A new Vice President is needed to serve out the current vacancy. Vacancies will need to be filled next year for Treasurer and Secretary.

Discussion took place regarding the LOGO design currently being used on Facebook and the webpage.

Minutes of the previous meeting of Nov, 9, 2017 were read by the Secretary. The minutes were recorded by Rex White and were approved as read: Motion by Jeanne Maleckar, Seconded by Dee Riley.

Adjournment  Motion to adjourn was made by Dan Huff, second by Jeanne Maleckar. Meeting was adjourned.

Respectfully submitted,

Christine A. Vandervort

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