Lakeshore Artists’ Oct. 13 meeting features speaker Melyssa Ziegler

Lakeshore Artists

The Lakeshore Artists’ meeting is 6:30 p.m. Friday, Oct. 13 at the Ashtabula Arts Center, 2928 W. 13th St., Ashtabula, OH., 44004. The public is welcome! Join the vibrant art community of northeast Ohio!

ASHTABULA_Pittsburgh-born writer, artist, and award-winning photographer, Melyssa Ziegler uses many different means and mediums for self-expression. Physical art, cutting and manipulating paper and texture is her favorite activity. Paper roses, woven paper art, and creating illustrations for children’s books are keeping Ziegler quite busy these days.

As a photographer, she enjoys capturing flora, fauna, insects, architecture and anything else that might peak her interest at that moment.

Ziegler has spent many a sleepless night with pen in hand during her writing of 13 collections of poetry and eight children’s books in 13 years. She has also contributed to numerous short horror story collections and has been published in several countries
Ziegler lives in the Historic Ashtabula Harbor with her husband, Troy, three teenage sons, and three dogs. She is also the Secretary and Art Department of a local church and an in-home caregiver.

Melyssa’s paper art

Melyssa’s photography



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