Lakeshore Artists member wins ADDA’s Public Art Competition

Lakeshore Artists

Congratulation Chris Raab!

ASHTABULA_The Ashtabula Downtown Development Association is pleased to announce the winner of the Public Art Competition is Chris Raab! The competition was part of the ADDA’s Civic Development Corporation grant, which was awarded for new planters, benches, and a public art competition.
As Chris describes it…
“Ashtabeautiful will be a bit over 9 feet tall. It will be made of wood with lettering showing. It will essentially be a four sided box with light emitting from inside. The light will be powered by a solar panel. Inside the box, behind the letters, will be clear plexiglass to keep the weather out. The piece will have four facades with each façade displaying a word related to Ashtabula. On top of the piece, as the wind catchers, will be (depending on design): 4 or 8 aluminum prints. These prints will be pictures of our “Ashtabeautiful” City.
The new whirligig will make its debut on the Ashtabula City Hall lawn in the Spring of 2018. The “blueprint” for Chris’s design can be found on the ADDA website at


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