Lakeshore Artists honor the one and only Harry Schwentker

Lakeshore Artists

Sept. 8, 2017 meeting

The meeting began with a presentation by author Burton Cole and ended with a small ceremony honoring Harry Schwentker’s devoted service to Lakeshore Artists. The introduction of new officers was handled by outgoing president Harry Schwentker.

The office holders are Taylor White, president, William West, vice-president, Christine Vandervort, secretary and Rosemary Bennett, treasurer. Dee Riley is our publicity chairwoman; West and Kevin Richards are responsible for the Lakeshore Artists website. White is the our Facebook page administrator.


Renowned childrens author and Pulitzer nominee Burton Cole was our guest speaker for the evening. He discussed what is involved when the author and illustrator come together to create a book and how the story and images work together.

In “real life,” Cole, a Conneaut High School and Kent State University graduate, is the features editor at the Tribune Chronicle daily newspaper in Warren.

Author Burton W. Cole

He previously was on writing and editing staff with the Star Beacon in Ashtabula. His award-winning humor column, “Burt’s Eye View,” is a slice-of-life look at dads, diets, weird science and the quirkiness of the human condition that first appeared in the Star Beacon in 1993 and was added to the Tribune Chronicle in 1996.

Coles’ debut novel, “Bash and the Pirate Pig” (2013),was a finalist for the 2014 Selah Award for Best Children’s Book. “Bash and the Chicken Coop Caper” (2014) won the 2015 Selah Award as Best Novel for Middle Grade Readers. The third book, “Bash and the Chocolate Milk Cows” (2015) was released May 1. Cole is writing the fourth novel in the series, “Bash and the Daring Duck Disaster.”

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