Getting Started

Here is the information we are looking for:

Artist Type
– examples: Watercolor artist, mixed media artist, Photographer, Illustrator, Designer, Sculpter (However you would explain yourself)

How Long Have you been a member? example: June 2011 (If you don’t know the month, it is okay to guess. If you don’t remember the year or wish not to say, that is okay too!)

Gallery – Please send a digital copy of any art work you would like to place in your online portfolio. I would like to place about 5 or so images into each profile to capture a scope of the artists work. If you have a digital portfolio, you ill want to keep a small sample to encourage users to visit your site, so pick your favorites. If you have no other online presence we can accept a larger amount of slides so we can showcase your talents. (Images should be in JPEG format, scaled down to around 500 pixels at 72 DPI.)

Artist Bio – A short paragraph or two bio, It doesn’t have to be fancy. How would you describe your work? What are your processes? What is your story? Biographies set in 3rd person narrative would be nice for cohesion.

Where can we find you or contact you? Anyone with an online presence will want to include the URL to all of their stores and portfolio sites, or whatever you feel comfortable with. If you don’t have an online presence, is there is any contact information you would like to leave for potential commissions or visitors? We can add an address, phone number, email, or whatever you desire.

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