It’s time to meet Lakeshore Artists member Clarece Jones

Art by Will photography
Clarece Jones, artist.

ASHTABULA_Our interview with Lakeshore Artists’ member Clarece Jones, is one of what we hope are many interviews featuring active members of our highly esteemed group. Clarece has received numerous awards for her artwork. We sincerely appreciate Clarece’s bravery for being our first interview for the Lakeshore Artists’ website.

Thinking of you dear Janie Altrogge!

Lakeshore Artists

Hello everyone, it has been brought to our attention that a beloved member of the Lakeshore Artists is experiencing some serious health issues and has returned to the Austinburg Nursing and Rehabilitation Center at 2026 State Rt. 45 in Austinburg.
Lets bring our love and support to our dear friend Janie Altrogge during her time of need. Lakeshore Artists president Taylor White has made arraignments to send Janie a card. We encourage all members and friends alike to reach out to Janie during this trying time. She can be reached at

Stained glass artist is our guest speaker for Nov. 10 meeting

Lakeshore Artists

Betsy DeVol Roll will be the guest speaker during the Lakeshore Artists meeting 1 p.m. Nov. 10 at the Ashtabula Arts Center.


Betsy DeVol Roll was born in southern Ohio and graduated from Cleveland State University with a B.A. in Art Education. She has completed post-graduate studies at Kent State University and Lake Erie College. Betsy taught art in the public schools for 6 years before founding the Stained Pane in 1987. She has been working in stained glass for more than 30 years.

Recently, I completed The Tree, a 5’x5′ stained glass window for clients Russ and Gail Agard of Hamden, Ohio.
From the beginning, this window proved challenging. I first had to build a workspace big enough to support the window throughout the construction process. Due to the size of the window, steel rods were used to strengthen the piece and were carefully incorporated into the design as part of the tree trunk.
Over two hundred individual pieces of glass were used, including pale blue antique glass for the sky and background. This was Gayle’s idea to insure that there would always be a blue sky when anyone looked out the window. The streaky brown-granite glass gives a realistic and textured look to the tree bark. Look carefully to see the woodpecker in the center of the tree trunk. The leaves match the room color perfectly, and the stunning oak frame was made by Russ in his basement workshop.
Delivering the window presented yet another challenge. To keep the piece stable, it would need to remain vertical at all times. Friends suggested using a horse trailer to transport the piece, and Harold and Cathy Lamprecht of Middlefield, Ohio, volunteered the use of one of their trailers.

Four people were required to carry the window into the house. Two volunteers on a scaffolding installed the window several feet above the fireplace mantle. Although the window took over two months to complete, the installation went quickly, taking only about an hour.
What is truly unique about this window is the illusion that the stained glass tree is part of the small forest behind the Agard’s home. In the works are two smaller windows to accompany the larger piece. These smaller versions continue the “forest” with additional stained glass “tree tops”.

I can repair or restore your old stained glass and can even replace that broken panel on that old molded glass lampshade. Each piece is custom-made by slumping the glass in my kiln. Come in for a free estimate.
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Lakeshore Artists’ Oct. 13 meeting features speaker Melyssa Ziegler

Lakeshore Artists

The Lakeshore Artists’ meeting is 6:30 p.m. Friday, Oct. 13 at the Ashtabula Arts Center, 2928 W. 13th St., Ashtabula, OH., 44004. The public is welcome! Join the vibrant art community of northeast Ohio!

ASHTABULA_Pittsburgh-born writer, artist, and award-winning photographer, Melyssa Ziegler uses many different means and mediums for self-expression. Physical art, cutting and manipulating paper and texture is her favorite activity. Paper roses, woven paper art, and creating illustrations for children’s books are keeping Ziegler quite busy these days.

As a photographer, she enjoys capturing flora, fauna, insects, architecture and anything else that might peak her interest at that moment.

Ziegler has spent many a sleepless night with pen in hand during her writing of 13 collections of poetry and eight children’s books in 13 years. She has also contributed to numerous short horror story collections and has been published in several countries
Ziegler lives in the Historic Ashtabula Harbor with her husband, Troy, three teenage sons, and three dogs. She is also the Secretary and Art Department of a local church and an in-home caregiver.

Melyssa’s paper art

Melyssa’s photography



Lakeshore Artists member wins ADDA’s Public Art Competition

Lakeshore Artists

Congratulation Chris Raab!

ASHTABULA_The Ashtabula Downtown Development Association is pleased to announce the winner of the Public Art Competition is Chris Raab! The competition was part of the ADDA’s Civic Development Corporation grant, which was awarded for new planters, benches, and a public art competition.
As Chris describes it…
“Ashtabeautiful will be a bit over 9 feet tall. It will be made of wood with lettering showing. It will essentially be a four sided box with light emitting from inside. The light will be powered by a solar panel. Inside the box, behind the letters, will be clear plexiglass to keep the weather out. The piece will have four facades with each façade displaying a word related to Ashtabula. On top of the piece, as the wind catchers, will be (depending on design): 4 or 8 aluminum prints. These prints will be pictures of our “Ashtabeautiful” City.
The new whirligig will make its debut on the Ashtabula City Hall lawn in the Spring of 2018. The “blueprint” for Chris’s design can be found on the ADDA website at