Lakeshore Artists of Ashtabula County make donation to ACCS


The Lakeshore Artists of Ashtabula County donated 40 age-related art kits to Ashtabula County Children Services for foster children under the care of ACCS. The kits were geared for age groups, five to eight-years old, nine to 12-years old, and 13 to 15-years old and 16 to 18-years old.
The Cindy Richards Memorial fund made the approximately $800 donation possible. The scholarship fund donation was made by the Alan Richards’ family to honor the memory of valued Lakeshore Artists’ member Cindy Richards. Vandervort did the early pricing of art materials; Sarell and fellow Lakeshore Artists’ member Lynn Hess conducted the shopping trips necessary to create the art kits.

From left, Beverly DeFazio, ACCS Social Service director, Tania Burnett, ACCS executive director, James Jackson, ACCS alternate response caseworker, Will West, Lakeshore Artists president, Christine Vandervort, Lakeshore Artists secretary, and Aimee Sarell, Lakeshore Artists vice-president. West initiated the the donation process.

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